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Fear No More!

Castaa1, Jun 21, 11 1:05 AM.
Today our guild broke and cleared The Plane of Fear in about 3 hours.  This was a guild first for us.  There were many planer armor drops.  Afterward, we stopped by Skyfire Mountains and killed two Guardian Wurms.  One of the wurms dropped a level 60 Druid spell Entrapping Roots which was given to Boreal.

A good day for Victum.

Epic News

Castaa1, Jun 19, 11 11:05 AM.
Congratulations to two Victum members who have attained their epic weapons.

Darkun: Orb of Mastery
Wwoe: Staff of the Serpent

Great job guys.

June 13th, 2011 Plane of Sky Raid

Castaa1, Jun 14, 11 12:33 PM.
We continued our guild effort to attain the required keys for the Plane of Sky.  We made it to Island #6 before we stopped.

Items acquired on raid:

Lamorak: Belt of Virtue
Xenu: Belt of Concordance

And various gems and items for the Sky armor quests.

June 12th, 2011 Hate Raid

Charles1987, Jun 12, 11 3:29 PM.
Items acquired on raid:

Darkun: Apothic Robe
Pedicure: Rune Etched Gauntlets
Xenu: Imbrued Platemail Bracer

East Cabilis: Vessel Drozlin

Castaa1, Jun 10, 11 1:45 AM.
Today a small raid of us took down level 60 Vessel Drozlin for Wwoe's most difficult to attain epic piece: Xolion Rod.

June 7th, 2011 Fear Raid Loot!

Castaa1, Jun 7, 11 11:56 PM.
Items aquired on raid:

Loradiel: Valorium Gauntlets
Loradiel: Valorium Bracers
Timxen: Fluxblade Axe
Boreal: Vermiculated Armplates
Celesit: Head of the Serpent

Welcome Order of Serenity

Freud13, Jun 7, 11 6:30 PM.
Welcome all new members from Order of Serenity!  Livley is now an officer of Victum.

Guild Kunark Contests!

Castaa1, Jun 5, 11 12:20 PM.
To celebrate Kunark, there are a series of contests for any guild member (including Iksars!) to win DKPs.  See the forum post for more details.  Good luck!

The guild is also giving away a Gift to all lvl 51+ players.  See post for more details.

Reminder: Kunark likely is unlocked tonight

Castaa1, Jun 5, 11 10:39 AM.
According the EQ devs, if the Kunark vote passes, the first EQ expansion the Ruins of Kunark will be accessible on Monday at 12:01 AM Pacific time.  I'm assuming this will mean, the boats and teleportation spell vendors will added at this time.  I'm also assuming all the zones are on Fippy Darkpaw are already "up" but the player base has no way of accessing them.  So this would mean that all Kunark dragons, etc will be spawned when Kunark does launch.  So if you know of a mob we could could take down as a guild with lvl 50 characters, bring it up now.

June 3rd, 2011 Plane of Sky Key Raid

Castaa1, Jun 4, 11 3:16 AM.
Tonight a few guild members collected the first 3 keys for the Plane of Sky.

Level 1: Key of Swords
Level 2: Key of the Misplaced
Level 3: Key of Misfortune

We had to stop because there were not enough mobs to kill to continue.  Also no drop, rogue only Belt of Transience dropped off of 'an azarack' but we had no rogue with us, so it rotted.
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Guild Roster
Character NameGP UserClassLevelRace
AanadinHotties Cleric54High Elf 
Adrianusheracyangel Warrior67Dark Elf 
Akosuaheracyangel Cleric41Erudite 
AldaricAldaricEQ Paladin46Half Elf 
ArckonArckon21 Warrior50Barbarian 
BeriLexam18 Wizard51Dark Elf 
Bonepileblackflame3000 Necromancer55Human 
BorealCastaa1 Druid60Wood Elf 
CajoleHonorbane Enchanter46High Elf 
CelesitCelesit Enchanter47Dark Elf 
CharlesCharles1987 Cleric55Dark Elf 
Conaminlijing Magician56High Elf 
Conando~Conando~ Warrior50Barbarian 
CosmicBrainiacc Bard52Half Elf 
DannyDannyDreamer Necromancer56Gnome 
DayenCharles1987 Rogue34Half Elf 
DrakgosDrakgos Cleric45Dark Elf 
Dtonmaswov Ranger42Wood Elf 
ElectricaBrainiacc Enchanter52High Elf 
EndrickEndryck Magician49Dark Elf 
Feeliakfeeliak696 Necromancer53Gnome 
FreudFreud13 Warrior54Ogre 
GizzaGizza0716 Druid50Wood Elf 
HarenOverlordPeery Shaman48Barbarian 
HooptyHoopty4u Bard50Wood Elf 
HoruthHoruth Enchanter51Dark Elf 
Jaenileajeanilea Necromancer48Dark Elf 
Jekelnawcor Necromancer55Dark Elf 
KagiIsshan Monk47Human 
KarnageKarnage305 Warrior40Barbarian 
KaromalPurgatoryZ Shaman50Troll 
LamorakPurgatoryZ Paladin56Gnome 
LoradielLoradiel Paladin53Human 
Miklamikla4 Druid52Halfling 
MojimpyMojimpy Necromancer47Human 
NidelNidel09 Necromancer55Gnome 
OlthargOltharg Monk50Iksar 
Pedicurepedicure Shaman51Troll 
Sandilelijing Cleric56Human 
SeleanInfury Monk33Human 
SenseiFreud13 Monk50Iksar 
Starmanblackflame3000 Enchanter35Erudite 
TatuHonorbane Druid47Wood Elf 
TecdyDannyDreamer Wizard50Gnome 
Tokaymaswov Shaman52Iksar 
TsehtTseht Necromancer48Gnome 
Tvenyelijing Magician56Dark Elf 
UnknownnUnknownn1 Wizard47Dark Elf 
WarcoWarco Shaman46Barbarian 
WaruHustletreez ShadowKnight46Dark Elf 
Wongliwongli Cleric51Gnome 
WwoeLexam18 Enchanter57Dark Elf 
XenuCharles1987 Bard50Half Elf 
ZelirZelir2010 Ranger48Wood Elf 
Zoanheracyangel Enchanter42Erudite 

Trade Skills
maswov (Tokay) 200
Castaa1 (Boreal) 135
maswov (Tokay) 124
maswov (Tokay) 114
maswov (Tokay) 67
maswov (Dton) 194
Jewel Craft
heracyangel (Zoan) 150
maswov (Tokay) 101
Castaa1 (Boreal) 68
maswov (Tokay) 76
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